KBS Services

When you partner with the bipartisan team at KBS, you benefit from our decades of service in federal, state, and local government. Our relationships with top-level decision makers in the public and private sectors help our clients achieve success in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Government Affairs

KBS engages and educates key decision makers on both sides of the aisle and creates legislative and grassroots campaigns to help clients achieve project and public policy success in Missouri and Washington, D.C.

Business and Political Consulting

KBS monitors and collects information and provides expert analysis and insight to help businesses, education, healthcare, and not-for-profit organizations make informed strategic decisions on long-term planning, project development, regulatory, legislative, and political initiatives.

U.S. Business Development

KBS crafts and carries out comprehensive plans to help clients expand or tap into new sectors, from identifying new markets for goods and services, to site selection for project developments, to negotiating local, state, and federal government barriers.

Startup Market Development

KBS works with startups and new technologies, principally in the energy, biotech and nanotech sectors, to help researchers and entrepreneurs negotiate the difficulties of bringing a new, patented development to market.

Strategic Communications

KBS develops and deploys strategic communications efforts and participates in message campaigns to influence public opinion, legislative agendas, and promote ideas, products and services locally, nationally, and internationally.

International Business Development

KBS identifies and implements strategies to help clients navigate political challenges, develop relationships with key leaders, and find new investment, trade, and export opportunities in foreign countries, with special emphasis on Asia.