KBS Partners

Kit Bond

Christopher S. “Kit” Bond is a senior statesman with more than 40 years of public service experience, most recently representing the state of Missouri for four terms in the United States Senate (1985-2011).

Kenny Hulshof

Kenny Hulshof has a distinguished history of public service. He rose to national prominence and, for more than a decade, was a member of the Ways and Means Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Matthew Roney

Matthew L. Roney has dedicated his career to creating jobs and economic activity that benefit both the public and private sector. He uses his extensive experience to bring diverse interests together to foster dynamic business and real estate development.

Linda Bond

Linda Bond has served a prominent role in political finance and government relations for 35 years. She is recognized as an expert strategist, political and non-profit fundraiser, and national and international event planner for her work in the public and private sectors.

John Shimkus

Former Congressman John Shimkus has a career history of devotion to public service. He served in the Army, as a high school teacher, county treasurer, and most recently as a 24-year member of the United States House of Representatives from the 15th District of Illinois.

Mike Dubois

As a principal at KBS, Mike DuBois leverages his extensive defense and foreign policy experience, specializing in developing and executing successful appropriations and legislative strategies for KBS clients.

Julie Murphy

Julie Murphy has over 30 years of experience in local, state and federal government affairs. She has a well-earned reputation for crafting bi-partisan solutions to difficult and complex issues.

Jason Klumb

As a principal at KBS, Jason Klumb brings 25 years of experience spanning the administration, state government, the military, and private sector.

George Redden

George Redden, Director of Government Affairs, joined KBS after serving Kansans for six years as a senior policy aide for Senator Jerry Moran. He advised the Senator on a range of issues, with a special focus in amateur and professional sports, consumer protection, law enforcement, and immigration.

Jenny Rolf

Jenny Rolf is the Executive Assistant to former Senator Kit Bond and provides administrative support to the entire KBS Group team. In her role, Jenny manages multiple schedules, maintains and tracks critical data across the firm, oversees firm correspondence, assists with project management, and supports the team’s communication.

Renee Hulshof

Renee Hulshof is the communications assistant for KBS where she produces the weekly bulletin, assists with press communication and oversees website management.